Vim for IDE-people


There are people who are die-hard Vim users. They’re the ones trying to convince you most other editors are bad, and Vim’s not. I’m not one of these people.

For close to a decade, I have done all my PHP (and other) development in Netbeans and I was quite happy with it. Until more recently my demands became bigger than what Netbeans could deliver. It had to work faster, crash less, be more configurable. It just couldn’t deliver anymore. For me.

That’s why I started looking at Vim. I had heard the group of Vim die-hards described above. Now it was time to see if Vim could deliver. Since a lot of people have tried switching to Vim, and not all have stuck with it, I decided to keep a record of things I did for setting up Vim the way I like it. The list below is the result of that journey.

If you’re in a situation like me, then I hope these articles can provide you with the information you need to start working with Vim the way you like it.

List of articles

  1. Basic Vim configuration and plugins
  2. Solarized color scheme
  3. File system explorer: NERDTree
  4. Syntax checking: Syntastic
  5. Lightweight status line: vim-airline

Disclaimer This is not a rant against Netbeans, nor is the purpose of this page to try and convince you to use Vim.